The account of Esther’s courage, faithfulness, and obedience to God in the midst of adversity and uncertainty teaches a precious lesson to all of us who are in Christ Jesus. All true Christians around the world are Esther; we are the bride, the church of Jesus Christ. We have open access to Him, as Queen Esther had with King Ahasuerus. The Lord’s redemptive work in our lives means that we can boldy approach his throne of grace and lay our petitions before him, and he hears us. Throughout the history of Christianity, the church has suffered persecution in the hands of pagan and heathen rulers. It is during these periods of persecution that the church grows and is strengthened. In each generation of the Church, God has been faithful to raise up spiritual Esthers who defend and deliver God’s people from destruction. They are not afraid of endangering their lives, or losing their possessions for the sake of the Gospel.

Among the most recent historical accounts of the persecution of the church is the plight of the Christians in the Sudan. In 1983, the Islamic regime pledged to annihilate the all the Christians in the South. For 25 years, they waged a brutal war against the Church, killing two million and driving four million into exile. While the rest of the world has remained indifferent to the anguish of the Sudanese Church, you have boldly joined with us in the spirit of Esther to stand in the gap and intercede on their behalf. Since 1993, together we have witnessed the intervention of God in rescuing His people. The Sudanese Church has not only survived, but has also grown exponentially. After 25 years of adversity she has returned to the land in triumph to proclaim the Gospel and lift up the name of Christ the King